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June 22, 2008

Marry to Non Muslim

Muslim males are allowed to marry non-Muslim females but Muslim females are only allowed to marry Muslim males. You maybe surprised, but there is a good reason for this. It has to do with protecting the rights of women. Will explain it further in this article.

Muslim males are not allowed to marry any non-Muslim female. Only Christians and Jews (People of the Book) and not any other religion. This is due to the fact that the scriptures held sacred by Christians and Jews do contain large portions of revelation even though the texts have been distorted and changed. Consequently, in honor of the revelation still remaining in these texts, permission was granted to marry women who are "People of the Book". However, the condition of chastity is added to the permission mentioned in the Quran. Consequently, only a woman who's a virgin, divorcee or widow can be married.

The reason for allowing men and not women is in order to protect the woman's religion. If a Muslim man requested his Christian wife not to serve alcohol or pork in his house and that she not wear mini-skirts or kiss his friends, she could comply without affecting her religious teachings. However, if a Christian husband requested his Muslim wife to purchase alcohol and serve him pork, to wear mini skirts and may kiss his friends. It is natural for a wife to try to please her husband. In the case of the Muslim wife, that could lead to a compromise and possibly the gradual destruction of her faith.

Marriage to non-Muslims is discouraged in situations where Muslims are weak or in the minority in order to safeguard the religion of the children. If a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman in the West and their marriage ends in divorce, or the man dies, the courts will award custody of the children to the wife who will likely raise them as non-Muslims.

While it is very common for the Christian spouse to embrace Islam, it is not always the case "There is no compulsion in religion" Quran 2:256. A good Muslim friend of MuslimBridges married for over 25 years, takes his wife to Church every Sunday...hmhh

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