In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

September 21, 2008

Natural Methods of Childbirth

Of the natural methods of childbirth, Lamaze is the most widely-known. Dr. Fernand Lamaze introduced this method in France,1951, after observing childbirth techniques used in Russia. Trademarks of the Lamaze method included its breathing techniques. These have been widely depicted and in some cases, misconstrued across the media. Another main tenet of the method was the belief that pain was an integral part of childbirth, but by that a woman could learn to be distracted from the pain by focusing her concentration on an object during labor.
Actually by this method, Lamaze also promote, support and protect normal birth:

* Labor begins on its own
* Freedom of movement throughout labor
* Continuous labor support
* No routine interventions
* Spontaneous pushing in upright or gravity-neutral positions
* No separation of mother and baby after birth, with unlimited opportunities for breastfeeding [source of this article is from here]

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