In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

September 13, 2008

Not Just Potty Training

The Religion of Islam is a complete way of life. There are even dua for entering and exiting the toilet. We should teach these duas to our children as it is an easy way to earn rewards and remember Allah. dua for entering the toilet : "Bismillahi, Allaahhumma innii a'uudzu bika Minal khubutsi wal khabaaitsi. dua for exiting the toilet :"Alhamdu lillahil-ladzii adz-haba maa yu'dziannii wa abqaa fiyya maa tanfa'unii
If you think it’s required, you can take this dua into ipod or somethingelse and put it near your child’s bed so they are reminded to say it.

Many 3-year-olds children are not only potty trained, so don't panic if your child is slow to learn. You have to be patient on how to move the learning process along.

Once you start to potty train your child, it's important to keep the process lighthearted and full of encouragement. Don't rush him into training pants, but do consider rewards for toilet training successes.

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