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October 3, 2008

An Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Or, what appears to be more accurate: An apple peel a day might help keep cancer at bay, according to the medical journal, The Lancet. Scientist suggest that a natural chemical from apples works even better than vitamin C.
A phytochemical found in apples, has even stronger anticancer activity than vitamin C. As you know, phytochemicals, such as flavanoids and polyphenols, are plant chemicals that contain protective, disease-preventing compounds.
Vitamin C has several important functions in our body for the synthesis of amino acids and collagen, wound healing, metabolism of iron, lipids and cholesterol and others. In particular, vitamin C is a well known anti-oxidant that scavenges free radicals.
In pre-clinical studies, vitamin C appears to substantially reduce the effectiveness of anticancer drugs, say researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
In the study, Rui Hai Liu and Xiangjiu He point out that apple consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic health problems such as lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Traditional advice on eating apple peel was based mainly on its fiber content, with peel packing about 75 percent of the dietary fiber in an apple. So don't peel the apple please! [the source is from here...]

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