In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

December 14, 2008

Hajj Hoping More Tolerant

The pilgrimage that brings more than 2 million Muslims to Mecca every year should make the hajj more religiously observant and also more tolerant.The hajj at least make we has changed our mindset about other Muslims from other countries. The hajj has united us as Muslims and as brothers from many countries.

In my opinion going on the hajj, which all Muslims must do at least once if they are able --physically and finance, can also embolden women to challenge religious authority when they return home. Even being deeply religious is not commonly associated with women's empowerment in many cultures.
Men and women mix so freely on the hajj, even at prayer -- partly because it is impractical to segregate the sexes when more than 2 million people converge on Saudi Arabia en masse. Men and women interact with each other, actually praying side by side. Not in Madinah where men and women praying separate with partition made of wood.
The hajj also make us should more tolerant to other religions. We know that Islam is Rahmatan lil Alamin means that we have to treat all human with peace.
I hope all hajj will come back to their homeland with a new vision on human relations and be hajj Mabrur. amin

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