In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

March 7, 2009

Facebook Generation

Modern technology is the most wonderful thing. Today’s PC, laptops or even handphone make work and homework mobile and easier to do. But there are plenty of opportunity for harm as well.In a few moment, people across the world can be connected to each other. It is a fascinating but potentially dangerous time for our children.
Through it all, how can we spiritually parent children of this high-tech generation. In my point of view, the computer should be in a place where everyone can see what is going on. If our children wanna something on the computer that should'nt be seen then you must make it as something they should not doing. And make parental restrictions on the internet. Make sure that you give the rules for your children, such as set practical rules for Facebook, You Tube or others.
Like the internet, Facebook or others has its good and bad aspects. There must be practical rules : No Friends who are not recognized. No embarassing or even potentially seductive pictures on their Facebook page. Parents should also have a Facebook account so they can casually keep an eye on what their children and their friends are posting. Our children should know that we, their parents, are also online.
I remember when I was young always wanting my parents leave to me alone (yeahh as a teenage you know). But now I have 3 children and I understand the anxiety of my parents.
Well it is important to say to our children and be honest with them. Be their parent and be also as their best friend. Rather difficult, right. But we must try.
By then they will always feel comfortable to come and to talk anything and any time, with us.
And the most important in this matter, teach our children that God loves them . Most faiths teach that God’s love is the best. And teach them to live in the Light of God’s love.
We have to realize that we canot always policing our children. We must teach them that God always watch what they’re doing. So hopefully it will lead them to make the right choices in this tech-world and trying to obey His Guidelines as much as possible.
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  2. @ Tey : agree with you Tey, but for the children we have to make some rules for the reasons of security

    @ : sama-sama mas