In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

January 18, 2009

Bush is a Liar

I do not know actually, why people so easy to tell about lie. Especially if it is come from the leader of the country. Maybe for other people it's not matter but for me it's so serious. In one time he said about humanitarian issue but in another time he cannot cover about the international crime in Gaza. Because US politic foreign affairs always support the Israeli as his goldenboy.
After the Iraqi war, Afghanistan and always accused Islam as terorrist so what you can say if the fact is like this news.
Meanwhile Barack Obama said Friday President George W. Bush was a "good guy" who loved his country, but warned he would leave the United States struggling with the result of "bad choices."

When he is sworn in on Tuesday, Obama will inherit two foreign wars and the worst economy since the 1930s Great Depression with the budget deficit forecast to hit more than a trillion dollars this year."I always thought he was a good guy," Democrat Obama said, when asked in a CNN interview.

"I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country and I think he made the best decisions that he could at times under some very difficult circumstances.

Please Mister Obama, Your President (will become former president) has disrespect to international laws and agreements has made him to be the worst USA president among the people and in the world.
·Violating UN Charter.
·Violating Geneva Conventions Protocol.
·Violating Treaty on the Non – Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
·Rejecting Comprehensive [Nuclear] Test Ban Treaty.
·Withdrawing from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
·Withdrawing from 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.
·Opposing to International Criminal Court (ICC) Treaty.
·Abstaining from signing Land Mine Treaty, banning land mines.
·Violating Hague Conventions( The Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict ). This Convention was signed 14 May 1954; entered into force 7 August 1956), In spite of this convention, U.S. soldiers looted Iraq multi millennium cultural heritage in attacking to Iraq and transferred them to U.S .of America.
·Changing laws relating to environment that U.S. has been protecting it during past thirty years.
·Shaming decision-maker organization like United Nations with exploiting of actions outside of International Laws framework.
The Big Mark question is : Is this the democracy Mister President Bush was calling the Arab and we the Muslim world to adopt? ...... Chkchkchkbunny Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. ck ck ck ck apa bunda basa inggrisnya ndak punya malu, muka beton? ya begitulah si bush-uk

  2. Here is the truth from someone who lives in Israel, and knows that it is all one big lie.......

  3. The thruth

  4. bush memang pembohong dan penjahat perang.....

  5. @ cebong ipiet : persisnya rai gedheg ya bong

    @ richard : Thankyou for sharing..obviously defect of this liar will prolonged bias mostly by the west media mostly

    @ subagya : iyah chal..tuh yg di video @richard layak ditonton

  6. bush akan tidak enak hidupnya setelah nggak jadi presiden, dosanya akan menghantui baik siang atopun malam, sampek sakit-sakitan...
    biar cepet mampus aja orang itu...

  7. It seems, Obama got big challenges. especially when this condition is growing humanitarian crisis.

  8. @ suryaden : iya kalo' nyadar mas... masalahnya siapa yg berani nyeret dia ke mahkamah internasional sebagai penjahat perang?

    @ bcom : yes my friend, he must verify of what his said in his campaign, for humanitarian and financial crisis.

  9. Salam ziarah

    Bukankah Tuhan sudah bilang bahawa Dia telah jadikan setiap negeri itu ada pemimpin yang menipu, apabila rakyat di tipu maka rakyat itu bodoh

  10. @ ~PakKaramu~ : Insya Allah semua itu menjadi ibrah untuk kita semua pak ustadz

    @ chopper wallpaper : thankyou buddy, hope U success and feel free here

  11. ofcourse he is a liar and to add to that, type illuminati on google and you'll find more things about this monkey that you can't even imagine damn him day and night, damn him dead and alive. i ask Allah refuge from him and satan and from the torement of hell and fire.

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