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January 10, 2009

Israel doesn't want the world to see their crimes

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Forum of Palestinian Media Workers (FPMW) condemned on Friday the IOF attacks on Palestinian journalists, calling for these aggressions to be investigated.

The FPMW said in a statement on Friday that there was an escalation of attacks on Journalists, adding that on Thursday an Israeli occupation rocket hit the flat of Palestinian photo-journalist Ihab al-Whidi, 34 years, killing him and his mother in law and wounding his wife and children.

On Friday evening an Israeli occupation drone, fired a rocket at al-Jawhara tower which houses media offices and journalists were on its rooftop reporting what is happening in Gaza. The attack resulted in the wounding one of the journalists.
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The statement also said that the Abu Dhabi television cameraman was wounded on Wednesday while covering events in Rafah.

Two journalists working for al-Alam satellite channel were arrested on Tuesday and are still being questioned at the Petah Tikva police station.

All these events and others before them prove that the Israeli occupation targets journalists because they do not want the world to see their crimes.

The statement added that more than a month before the start of the Israeli occupation military aggression, the occupation authorities barred foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip in preparation for committing massacres. Only a small number of foreign journalists were allowed in after legal action taken by those journalists.


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  2. At last people are aware of all the lies of Israel.
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