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January 8, 2009

Once it's not Enough For Israeli to Kill Innocent children

GAZA, (PIC)--The Israeli aerial raids on northern Gaza on Wednesday evening killed five Palestinian citizens of the same family including a 40-year-old father and his three children Tawfik, 10, Habib, 12, and Mohammed, 15, along with their cousin.

Three little sisters Amal, 2, Suad, 4, and Samar, 6, were killed earlier the same day in an IOF artillery barrage at their homes in Jabalia shortly after expiry of the three hours lull announced by the Israeli occupation forces on daily basis starting Wednesday to allow citizens to purchase their supplies and to facilitate the entry of relief material into Gaza.

Locals said that the three children remained under the rubble for a few hours before the rescue squads could reach their home and retrieve their bodies from under the rubble.

Local sources in northern Gaza said that even during the three-hour lull IOF troops opened their machineguns at citizens who got out of their homes to buy their needs in Jabalia killing four and wounding 10 others.

The sources said that two paramedics were among the casualties after rushing to the scene to evacuate the martyrs and the wounded. The death toll of the continued Israeli wanton aggression on the Gaza Strip rose to more than 700 Palestinians, half of them were children and women, and the injuries to at least 3,100.

Dr. Muawaiya Hassanein, the director of the ambulance and emergency in the health ministry, stated that the number of children rose to 230 and the women to 100.

Israel had intensified on Tuesday its military raids on civilian houses and UN schools sheltering hundreds of innocent Palestinians which resulted in the death of more than 135 civilians in one day.

In another context, Hamas political leader Mohamed Nazzal on Wednesday said that the Palestinian resistance fighters spearheaded by Al-Qassam Brigades managed to kill and wound more than 130 Israeli soldiers in five days.

In a statement to the Aqsa satellite channel, Nazzal added that the Palestinian resistance had killed since the start of the Israeli military aggression on Gaza more than 30 Israeli officers and soldiers and wounded more than 100 others including the commander of the Golani special unit.

Israel, for its part, alleged that only seven soldiers were killed and 103 others were wounded after they were met with fierce resistance during military operations.

The IOF troops also claimed that its warplanes on Wednesday bombed more than 40 Palestinian targets including tunnels in south Gaza in addition to 10 rocket launch areas, but all international reports refute such Israeli allegations, saying that Israel deliberately targets civilians, houses and mosques after failing to deal with the resistance.

source : save palestine


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  4. we just need a heart to think to stop this war .

  5. The Israeli's army/reservist killing the palestinian like it was killing the man in playstation. And that about it.

  6. The Israeli's army/reservist killing the palestinian like it was killing the man in playstation. And that about it.