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February 15, 2009

E-Cigarette to quit smoking

All of us already know what tobacco can affect to our health, not only to women, pregnancy and the children. Today I knew from an email came to me that Status of Indonesia of the Global Tobacco Treaty Map not yet signed and ratified. And Indonesia position is in the same level with Somalia, Uzbekiztan, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone.
I know not only Indonesian Government but all of the people I think must unite to push for positions ( signed and ratified ) that would prevent the spread of tobacco addiction, disease and death.

The World Health Organization estimates that broad implementation of the global tobacco treaty could save up to 200 million lives by 2050. For the countries that have ratified it, the treaty has already begun to change the way tobacco corporations do business – and now that it has taken effect as international law its impact will be even more dramatic. But the tobacco industry will not give in without a fight.

Well.... i't s still another choice to reduce or to quit immediately for you as smokers. ...Maybe you should find THIS information... The e-Cigarette.The e Cigarette acts very similar to a regular cigarette, producing a nicotine vapor that can be inhaled. It eliminates the harmful toxins contained in tobacco smoke! Over time, start using lower level nicotine cartridges until you get to the no nicotine refills. This can help regular smokers slowly reduce their dependency on nicotine. The electronic cigarette is not necessarily meant to be a quit smoking device, but rather an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes were invented by Hon Lik of electronics company Ruyan in Beijing, China. Ruyan sold its first electronic cigarette in May 2004, and e-cigarettes have been growing in popularity ever since. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but Ruyan - the world's biggest manufacturer - claims to have sold over 300,000 in 2008. Smart Smokers, one company which sells Ruyan's cigarettes in the UK, says sales are rising exponentially. In the US, hit TV show The Doctors featured the e-cigarette in the top 10 health trends of 2008. In a world where smoking is increasingly socially unacceptable, the e-cigarette looks like a success story in the making.
Well would you try an electronic cigarette for yourself....


  1. bunda makasih ya kerna sudi kunjungi blog sakura. Salam kasih sayang dari sakura

  2. merokok itu merusak kesehatan itu aja deh...

  3. @ My Journey : you're right dear ....

  4. Well good article to spread awareness about new age smoking. Meanwhile I use electronic cigarette from

  5. Yep, your are true. One should not get addicted to bad things..

  6. @ Sedona : thankyou for your comment

  7. @ Sakura : Dear Sakura ... salam kasih sayang juga dari bunda untukmu.

  8. This is interesting though I think fighting against things will not help much, on the contrary. Being pro-health on the other hand would.
    Everything we give energy to(either by thinking of it or fighting against it) grows. Why not concentrating on living a healthier more fulfilling life ^-^

  9. @ Kami :
    yes of course I agree with you, this is only a solution for the smokers who will urge themselves to stop their addict with that stuff.
    Thankyou for your comment

  10. The electronic cigarette has the most potential of any device I have ever seen to save millions of smoking related deaths. It not only contains no tar or second hand smoke, but also covers the habitual hand-to-mouth motion for the smoker as well. Unfortunately the WHO and FDA have not yet approved of the electronic cigarette. We must all push forward to approve this device, an keep its awareness at the forefront. We can potentially save millions of lives.

    Johnny Blaze
    Electronic Cigarette Supplier and Advocate