In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

February 7, 2009

A Friend For You

Friends are gifts from God
They lend you a hand
They are people to talk to
Here to smile & laugh with
They are here to cheer you on
They see the potential in you
They help to pull you through

Friends are people
To hold dear to your heart
To cry with and not know why
To be wacky with and it's ok
To recall memories from long ago
To build new memories with
Friends are the ones
That last through thick and thin
They can talk for hours or just to catch up
Or even just to say you're in my thoughts
Thank you for being my friend
I wanted to let you know
I really think the world of you…

*Friends are gifts and blessing from God to cherish, support and love always.

thankyou to Mary S Bithell,
who wrote this beautiful poem to all of us who wanna know what friends mean to


  1. Nemuin blog bunda yang lainnya nih.

  2. @ Erik : selamat datang bang Erik...silakan jangan sungkan-sungkan berkomentar...dengan senang hati bunda menjamu...seadanya saja ya

  3. Biarpun tak bisa lancar dalam bahasa Inggris
    Tapi tetep bisa ngerti

  4. @ agung : semoga mas agung dapat merasakan makna berkawan ya sobat... terimakasih sudah berkunjung

  5. @ myjourney : makasih komentnya mbak ...dan terimakasih juga udah bersedia datang ke pondok bunda