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July 16, 2010

Pregorexia: Dieting While Pregnant

Have you heard what is pregorexia? Well, pregorexia is a kind of the cause of an eating disorder. It is similar with anorexia.
Pregorexia is a new buzz word for eating disorder. pregorexia is a disorder similar to anorexia but one that occurs during and after pregnancy.

According to Ivanhoe Newswire there are ten million women suffer from an eating disorder. By age 20, 86 percent of women who are anorexic will have other health issues. But it's not just a disease that strikes young women. Even moms-to-be risk it all to be thin.

Even pregnancy is one of the joyous rites of being a woman but the process of carrying and giving birth to a child can be full of stress.
pregorexia causes the mom-to-be who suffers from it guilt and shame similar to what is experienced by almost all sufferers of anorexia. heightened by the sense of responsibility toward her unborn baby and the stigma that she may feel is associated with a woman who can't properly care for her baby.
Too little weight gain can very damaging for both mother and baby. and lead to premature and low birth weight babies who have increased likelihood of developing a wide range of physical and developmental problems in the future, just like :
heart disease, depression, poor growth, etc.

that's why every stress is very much the enemy of a healthy pregnancy. creating an environment for the pregnant women to feel comfortable is a must.

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